The beautiful, open source framework for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5.

Hi, I'm Max

  • Living in Madison, WI
  • Co-founder and CTO of Drifty
  • Co-creator of Ionic
  • Follow me! @maxlynch

Missed out on mobile?

You missed NOTHING

  • Write multiple times, run in one place
  • Pigeonhole'd careers
  • Proprietary tech
  • Expensive!
  • Slow to iterate on!

You're right on time!

Hybrid Apps!

  • HTML5 that acts like native
  • Web wrapped in native layer
  • Direct access to native APIs
  • Familiar web dev environment
  • Industry on your side

Wait! Doesn't that suck, too?

So, what's been missing?

  • An Open Source Framework
  • Better native-to-web bridge
  • Native-style UI components and interactions
  • UI APIs, not just jQuery widgets
Ionic Framework

Web Technologies You Already Know and Love

Best Friends With AngularJS

Why AngularJS?

The Onion

Web View
"Native" SDK


Complex Lists

  • AngularJS Directive
  • Buttons exposed by swiping
  • Reorder
  • Delete


{{ }}

{{ item.quote }}


  • Nested views
  • Each tab has its own nav history




Side Menu



Slide Box

    Slide 1
    Slide 2
    Slide 3

Action Sheet

  titleText: 'Modify your album',
  buttons: [
    { text: 'Share' },
    { text: 'Move' },
  destructiveText: 'Delete',
  cancelText: 'Cancel',
  buttonClicked: function(index) {
    console.log('BUTTON CLICKED', index);
    return true;

Pull to Refresh



  • Shows back button when possible
  • Each tab has its own history stack
  • Works with Android's back button


Over 500 MIT licensed font-icons included

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